Tie Dye clothing online.

Who said tie-dyeing was only a summer project? While many people prefer to work on this craft on nice, sunny days when they can take the potential mess outside, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make tie-dye shirts in the winter, either! The Tie-dye clothing shop collection with winter tie-dyeing is a lot of fun, and it’s the best way to keep yourself entertained on those short, chilly days when playing outside isn’t an option.

And, if you manufacture tie-colored clothing in the winter, you may design personalized hooded sweatshirts that would be too warm to wear in the summer. You can also forego the vibrant rainbow colors in favor of more somber winter colors. If you’re planning on getting out your dye kit and dying some garments or accessories this winter, SunChasers got some color combinations you will get from our Tie Dye clothing online.

Continue reading to learn about some amazing winter tie-dye colors to try.

  1. Neutral Hues

We normally advise against mixing dye colors that might result in brown when blended. After all, who wants a large brown spot in the center of a rainbow spiral? However, winter is ideal for experimenting with neutral colors like browns and tans. If you like a more modest appearance this time of year, consider making basic tie-dye designs using beige, brown, navy blue, grey, and other colors.

The idea here is to stay moderate. Buy simple designs from a Tie Dye Shop work best, and you should use no more than three colors. Rather than dyeing 100% cotton tees for the most brilliant effects, consider coloring a cotton/polyester blend tee for a more muted aesthetic. Neutral tie-dye is a great winter activity, and it’s a great way for individuals who don’t like the vivid, classic aesthetic to try out tie-dye.

2. Blue and Purple

Cool-weather necessitates cool hues, and there is no greater combination than blue and purple. Whether you combine baby blue and lilac for a nice pastel effect or rich blue and purple jewel tones, you’ll be able to produce exquisite tie-dyed attire that’s ideal for this time of year. You may even combine shades of the same hue to create combinations as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Blue and purple are also nice color combos for accessories. 

Why restrict yourself to tees and hoodies? Use these colors to tie-dye wholesale hats, gloves, and scarves, and you’ll have the perfect accessories to add a cool pop of color to your ensemble.

Mint and White

If you want to keep things mild, consider dying a white shirt with mint green dye. Mint and white complement each other wonderfully, and it’s a particularly lovely combination to wear in the winter. It is another color scheme that works well with basic tie-dye designs to shop from a Tie-Dye matching sets shop.

While the indigo blue dye is often used, shibori dying processes can work nicely with this light tint. Dip dying is another excellent option for creating a garment that gently fades from gorgeous mint green to white.

4. Candy Colors

Use delicious hues like fuchsia, violet, and rose to make the ideal girlie tie-dye. When mixed, these hues provide just the proper degree of coolness for the winter months. They’re also fantastic hues to wear on Valentine’s Day! Use delicious colors to produce a heart-shaped tie-dye garment or a sweet twist on the classic rainbow spiral.

5. Red and green

Although Christmas has passed, red and green remain iconic winter hues. Combine these colors in your winter tie-dye creations to create clothing that resembles a winter landscape with a cardinal perched on an evergreen limb. To keep your designs from being overly Christmasy, stick to green with a hint of red as an accent.

6. Jewel Tones

Deep, saturated hues with rich vitality, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, or amethyst tones, are used in a jewel-tone color scheme. It’s easy to understand how this color scheme got its name! These colors will produce a vivid and dramatic tie-dye design, but they are ideal for winter!

 Final Thoughts

Buy a tie-dye collection from our Tie-dye clothing shop and add them to your shelf this winter. Instead, try out other appropriate color combinations for this time of year. Transform your look with colorful stunning pieces of Tie-Dye clothes, and make your bleak winter days brighter! 

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