Waiting for Adopting a Child in Georgia? Here are Tips to Cope


The adoptive parents should understand that the adoption process is lengthy, and they might have to wait for weeks and sometimes months before the child is handed over. The adopting a child in Georgia procedure includes the following steps;

1.       Select the right adoption type.

2.       Arranging the estimated adoption cost.

3.       Taking professional help from lawyers.

4.       File the adoption petition.

5.       The social worker will do a home study.

6.       Eliminate the right of birth parents.

7.       You are ready to adopt the child.

Why Does Adopting a Child in Georgia Take Too Long?

It has been the experience of many adoptive parents that have waited for weeks, months, and even years to gain custody of the child. This is the most troubling part of the adoption process because parents don’t know if their petitions will be approved or rejected. The famous adoption lawyers will explain the following reasons for the delay in completing the adoption process.

1.       Adoption agencies will take all necessary steps to confirm if the adoptive parents are financially, physically, and psychologically fit to take care of the child.

2.       The international adoption agencies in Georgia will ensure that all foreign laws are fulfilled before everything has been finalized.

3.       The authorities will confirm if the adopted child is an orphan. This validation is important because complications might develop if the biological family is alive. They will want to claim the child’s custody.

4.       Everything about the adoptive parents should be cleared, including criminal and financial backgrounds, to check if the candidates are not involved in felonious activities.

Different Ways of Coping with the Waiting

The prospective adoptive parents might have learned about the reasons for delays in the adoption process. The entire waiting time can be frustrating for couples. But the parents can plan to cope with the wait by following some tips when applying for kids for adoption in Georgia.

Meeting with Other Birth Families

Adoptive parents should not depend on only one birth parent couple as they might change their minds and deny putting their child up for adoption. Other birth parents’ options should remain open if the current party refuses to give up the child for adoption.

Contact Other Adoptive Parents

Another important thing you can do while waiting for confirmation is to talk with others to understand the adoption process. Adoptive parents can stay informed about adoption through these three ways;

1.       Joining an adoption support group.

2.       Asking for referrals from adoption lawyers like Tom Tebeau.

3.       Talking to family and friends.

Choose the Right Pediatrician

Often adoptive parents have decided to adopt a newborn child or a toddler. If this is the case, the parents must determine the pediatrician best for the child. But for teenagers, a normal doctor can be selected.

Plan out the International Adoption Process

Some candidates select another country from where the child will be adopted. The adoptive parents should know the terms and conditions of international adoption because the policies of each nation are different. Parents can prepare the documents before submitting the petition by asking an adoption attorney for help.

Increase Knowledge about Kids for Adoption in Georgia

It is vital for adoptive parents to completely understand the importance of the process so that all doubts are eliminated. The entire family can study about adoption through magazines, books, and online articles.

Preparing for the Home Study

Home study is vital during adoption because it can reveal several important things about the adoptive family. The employees of the social services department or volunteers of an adoption attorney in Atlanta will visit the adoptive parent’s house and create a report in which the following points are mentioned.

1.       The financial, family, and criminal backgrounds are checked.

2.       The family member’s mental and physical stability is considered.

3.       The house has all the essentials required for the child.

Choose a Name for the Child

Some adoptive parents are waiting for a newborn child to be adopted. If this is the case, they can select a beautiful name for the child. This is the adoptive parents’ right by law to choose two names, one if it is a boy and the other if the child is a girl.

Candidates selected for adopting a child in Georgia should consider the tips to cope with waiting for the adoption process.

Here are three questions explaining the different aspects of the adoption process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does adopting take so long?

Adopting a child in Georgia could take weeks, months, and years. The reasons for this delay include the type of adoption selected, the authorities confirming if the adoptive parents qualify for the adoption, different background checks being conducted, and the preparation of the documents will also take time.

How can I speed up the adoption process?

Adoption lawyers have advised adoptive parents not to be too specific about the adopted child. The candidates can choose a healthy child regardless of race, ethnicity, and nationality. This can be beneficial for a speedy adoption process.

What age gets adopted the most?

Adoptive parents preferably adopt a child from a newly-born to two or three years old.

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