Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Writing a good annotated bibliography requires that the writer possess quality analytical skills and writing proficiency. An annotation may be referred to as the act of adding notes. These notes represent an evaluative summary of a piece of written work. The source work could be a book, an essay, an article, or even an academic publication. An annotated bibliography is basically a reference piece of writing which points out the relevance, quality, and reliability of the work cited.

A concise bibliography should clearly depict the main and important information about the source. It should include such information as the authors’ name, publication title, date, and place of publication, publisher, volume number and size of the publication. To complete the comprehensive Annotated bibliography, the bibliography is followed up by a well-written annotation which is normally a short descriptive paragraph of about 150 words.

The usefulness of Annotated bibliography

As a matter of fact, an Annotated bibliography is very useful when it comes to professional and academic writing. It is important in the sense that the author can clearly indicate his/her sources effectively. Also, in research works, an Annotated bibliography enables the researcher to easily connect from one source of information to the other. Annotated bibliographies are ever helpful clues or links to related sources for further research. Additionally, the Annotated bibliography is the key to authenticity and professionalism; it provides writers with the perfect way of recognizing and appreciating other writers’ works.

Who writes an Annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is an integral part of academic and professional writing. Journalists, book writers, magazine writers, research writers, and students are required to write proper Annotated bibliographies to complete their writing works. You must understand the best way to write an effective Annotated bibliography that goes with your piece of writing work. Here are some golden tips on how to write an Annotated bibliography.


How to write an Annotated bibliography

Most importantly, while on you writing, make sure to properly cite your sources using the required APA, MLA, or any other appropriate formatting standard. This should help you produce the perfect bibliography indicating the author, title, publisher, dates, and all other relevant information about your source. Then, analyze your source and write a concise summary of it; this is where you let your reader know what your source is all about and how you find it useful to the objective of your writing. Finally, write a brief and comprehensive opinion on how you view the source; this is where you reveal the credibility, reliability, and usefulness of your source.

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