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SEO social media marketing email marketing PPC advertising where do you start and how do you use these to get more traffic to your website if you’re a beginner in digital marketing and you want to cut through the noise? Because I’m going to show you how all of these work based on a decade of experience rather than just theory stay tuned to what’s up marketers same here with ahrefs the SEO tool that helps you grow your search traffic research your competitors and dominate your niche today I’m going to share seven digital marketing strategies that I have personally used and gotten results with and if there’s only one thing that you take away from this video.

 It’s to not try all of these at once instead pick one of these strategies experiment and master the channel before moving on to the next let’s get to it so before we dig into these strategies you need to make sure.

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 That you’re adopting today’s mindset of the consumer today we live in a content-first world people are looking for information before they buy so you need to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes rather than allowing yourself to get blinded by how great you think your products and services are the mentalities you need to adopt is to help people rather than trying to cold sell them when you help people solve problems. through free and valuable.

 Content that is relevant to your business you reach larger audiences and build trust the best part is that you get the opportunity to show people how your products and services can help them solve their problems and fulfill their desires and needs alright so the first internet marketing strategy is blogging with SEO in mind now blogging isn’t writing about what you did today or even something nobler like an epiphany you had that’s a diary but don’t get me wrong this kind of content can work well if you have an existing and loyal audience but for most of us that just want to get more traffic leads and sales we need to intentionally.

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 Target problems that your target audience wants to solve in the world of blogging this whole process can be summed up as a technique called keyword research let me show you two clear-cut examples of how keyword research works in the first example let’s say you sell physical products like computer parts and accessories what do you think future customers might be searching for in google probably questions like.

 Why is my computer so slow how to build a computer how to speed up a computer these are all very real problems and people are looking for solutions in ffs keywords explorer tells us that these exact search queries get tens of thousands of searches each month now the best part about these specific queries is that you can help people solve their problems while integrating products from your store in the content.

 Why is my computer so slow could come down to a hard drive CPU or ram problem so help your readers diagnose the problem and offer product solutions within your post how to build a computer would be a super easy plug for any computer components they’re already showing intent to build so it’s unlikely that they’ve already purchased parts and peripherals all right second example let’s say you’re a real estate agent and you’re compensated.

  • When someone buys sells or rents a property now the thing that most agents do is boast about
  •  How many homes they’ve sold or how they want an award that you nor I have ever heard of my point is that
  • The average buyer or seller doesn’t care and to prove my point no one’s searching for things like which realtor won the most awards in New York but again potential customers are looking for solutions to their problems.

Potential to attract a massive audience

 How to invest in real estate how to buy a house what credit score is needed to buy a house and again these all have the potential to attract a massive audience by ranking in google for something like how to invest in real estate you’re now attracting potential buyers with deep pockets and they likely have intent to buy content on how to buy a house would likely require the work of an agent at some point which could be you what credit score is needed to buy a house is a great way to show that your knowledge and intentions go beyond making a sale the best thing about blogging for SEO is that once you rank you’ll be getting free consistent and passive traffic from google.

  • If you’re new to SEO I highly recommend watching our SEO for beginners video
  • This will give you a nice overview of what SEO is how it works and how you can get it to work for you I’ll also link up.
  • Some additional resources on doing keyword research that grows traffic and revenue as well as a video.

 On how to write a blog post with SEO in mind for now let’s move on to the second strategy which is to invest in video content specifically on YouTube is the second most visited search engine in existence to top that off video carousels nearly doubled in 2017 in google search results video isn’t just the future it’s the present and the same principle of helping potential customers works for video 2. when people go to video search engines like YouTube.

 They’re looking to find answers to their questions for example if you bought a so-called new iPhone x on eBay you might search for iPhone x unboxing and see if all the contents are in the box and according to hf’s keywords explorer 108 000 searches are happenings each month globally on YouTube alone for this keyword this video that you’re watching right now was chosen because I can see that people are specifically looking for digital marketing tutorials for beginners to come up with.