cloud computing courses in london

Top 10 Cloud Computing Courses in London

  1. University of East London
  2. ESIGELEC, Graduate School of Engineering
  4. Postgraduate Science at Leicester
  5. University of Leeds
  6. Staffordshire University
  7. Middlesex University London
  8. University of London
  9. Caltech CTME
  10. City, University of London

What is basically Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the most significant and disruptive transformation the IT industry has ever undergone.

There is an emerging computing paradigm called cloud computing wherein IT-related functions are provided “as a service” to end-users under a usage-based payment scheme, due to economies of scale and advancements in virtualisation technology.

In such a cloud computing model, end-users can hire virtualised services without worrying about infrastructure details. Developers, instead of buying and maintaining machines, can now just rent computing cycles that are needed.

This offers great benefit to IT companies by freeing them from the low-level task of setting up basic hardware and software infrastructures, and thus enabling more focus on innovation and creating business value for their services.