Creating Shareable Content: How to do so?

shareable content

How to create shareable content

A content writer capable of getting rapid shares and mentions online is a hard commodity to find. Content writing can become too tech-intensive at times, which does help in information-transmission to readers but reduces its sharing rate. 

There are a few methods content writers use to make their content spread across various social media channels. In this article, we will discuss a few methods on how to create sharable content.

What is Trending?

Before delving into explanations, ask yourself this. What do you share usually?

The answer more often than not is news related to trending topics. It could be a joke related to a recent sports event, an article on politics or anything else trending on social media. 

Thus, the simple solution is to write content connected to a trending topic in some way. For instance, a marketing blog can use a trending topic like ‘Game of Thrones’ to write a blog titled ‘Ten marketing lessons to learn from Game of Thrones’. Not only is such crossover content likely to invite more traffic, but it is also shared rapidly. Topical content on trending issues is a great example of shareable content. 

To figure out what is trending is fairly simple. Platforms like Twitter have separate sections to show which words and hashtags are trending at any point in time. There are other dedicated websites which show trending topics according to time and location. 

Emotional Connection

Evoking emotion in a reader is perhaps the most difficult job for a writer, especially content writers who deal with facts and substance. To get more shares and engagement, content writers have to dig deep and create content which hits a nerve. 

Making an emotional connection doesn’t necessarily imply bringing someone to tears. This refers to establishing a visceral connection with customers. Using real-life stories, videos, and pictures which resonate with readers and make them share content with their friends is the best way to establish an emotional connection with users.

Emotionally-charged content is an example of sharable content and still remains amongst the most valuable content online. 


When you imbibe the practice of engaging with your readers, it is highly likely the content will be shared and viewed.

Engagement refers to maintaining a direct connection with your community. This community may refer to social media followers or people commenting. Authors who reply to comments praising or critiquing a blog or article end up striking a resourceful dialogue. When users feel they have a more personal relationship with the author in question, they are much more likely to share the content. 

Check Content Tone for Sounding too Promotional

The first thing which is likely to make someone not share content is if there is a hint of promotion in it. Have you heard of someone voluntarily sharing as an advertisement? 

A promotional article is the worst example of shareable content. The best way to avoid this is by balancing the number of promotional articles with other genuine pieces.

Promotional articles have an importance of their own and can’t simply be ignored. Digital marketers have to create a balance between creating advertising-focused content and shareable content.


Finally, the best example of shareable content is when a content writer tells a story.

Storytelling is an art which transcends different fields. Even the greatest scientific stories have the most brilliant stories behind them. Whether we talk of Newton realizing the presence of gravity or Archimedes noticing the displacement of water, every great achievement has a great story.

Content writers should be adept at turning complex technical topics into stories worth telling and sharing. This skill cannot really be learned. Content writers have to dig deep to find a more profound narrative to make a piece of content seem more compelling and shareable. 

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