Digital Marketing Growth Hacks


Digital Marketing Growth Hacks

In the cluttered world of digital marketing, it is easy to get lost in the various muddles of technique and tools which aid digital marketing campaigns. It is common amongst young and even veteran digital marketers to get lost in such muddles and lose sight of the important methods which can offer quick results. 
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While losing the way is a part of any long journey, it is pivotal to return to the right path. Digital marketing is unique in the sense that it keeps offering marketers chances to improve and change despite mistakes made in the past. Through positive digital marketing practices, professionals can overhaul their marketing campaign piece by piece for complete optimization. 

In this article, we will discuss some digital marketing growth hacks which can help professionals get their website, or that of their employer, on track. 

Choose Long Tail Keywords for Quick Returns

The mistake most new digital marketing professionals and sometimes experienced marketers make is choosing short high volume keywords which are difficult to crack. 

Long-tail keywords offer digital marketers the chance to create content which goes into more detail on a given topic. The best part is that the content doesn’t take a lot of time to rank high on search results, ensuring a steady stream of organic traffic coming to the website. 

One short tail keyword can be divided into five to ten long-tail keywords, and the combined traffic coming from the latter keywords is more than that of the short tail keyword. 

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Focus on Conversions

Running an ad campaign requires a direct investment, which means there is an added expectation of ROI. However, while running ad campaigns, many marketers make the sinister mistake of not keeping the operation focused on conversions. 

Conversions are the lifeblood of any digital marketing ad campaign and help provide impetus to the operation itself. Based on the goal of a given campaign, digital marketers should use tools such as Facebook Pixel to keep track of conversions across all ad campaigns. Based on the data accumulated through Pixel, digital marketers can optimize their messaging tactics to further improve conversions. For any analytics-based digital marketing campaign focused on conversions, tools such as Facebook Pixel are a must.

Dynamic Search Ads

A challenge digital marketers used to face in search marketing was the challenge of creating the right ad copy to improve CTR and drive traffic to the website. For companies which choose a wide audience as their target customers, appealing to a large group of people with one message was difficult. 

To solve this problem for advertisers, Google came up with dynamic search ads. As the name suggests, dynamic search ads change constantly depending upon the user in questions. Creating titles, URLs, and even descriptions are part of the dynamic search ad system. 

The entire point of dynamic search ads is to improve the relevancy for the user seeing it, which in turn helps advertisers as well who get a better shot at finding new customers and leads through search marketing.

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