DIY Galaxy Tie-Dye Sweatsuits For Kids By Tie-Dye Clothing Shop


Do you also belong to individuals who set specific colours for every season? Red, yellow, blue and green for summer and brown, orange and black for winter or fall? Why can’t we wear every colour in every season? It is unnecessary to be specific and choose when it comes to wearing colourful clothes. While traditional winter and fall colours might be orange, brown and black, galaxy and jewel tones are also perfect for the autumn and can add a beautiful popup colour to any outfit. This article is a guide from Shop Sunchasers, which will inspire you to make a beautiful and colourful tie-dye sweatsuit for kids and adults. Kids love colourful clothes and fall fashion. Who doesn’t love a galaxy-coloured sweatsuit? You may think that tie-dye is a bit hard, but with a tie-dye clothing shop, you can let your little ones craft their custom sweatsuit. Tie-dye is a classic craft and art that allows for endless possibilities and personalizations. Below mentioned are some of the tips and instructions to make the most out of a tie-dye store. Let’s see what you need to make a galaxy tie-dye sweatsuit for kids. 

Prewash the fabric and prepare your tie-dye solutions.

Before dying your fabric, prewashing ensures the removal of any residue and impurities and allows the dye to penetrate the fabric evenly. Leaving the clothes damp for a while also helps the dye to spread easily. You must have your kids pick out their favourite colours to add a personal galaxy touch to their clothes. It will also increase their creativity. Tie dye clothing online shop is one of the best choices for this process as it provides earthy and jewel tones that are perfect for autumn. Their materials are also easy to use as it has all the instructions for the procedure. You just have to squeeze the dye directly onto the fabric and let it sit on a damp cloth. The dye will not spread on a cloth that is not wet. So ensure that you have prewashed it before starting the process of dying. 

Bind and Fold the Sweatsuit

The blind, fold and crumple technique is the best to create beautiful and unique designs. To make a fun pattern there are certain things you must do.

  • Lay the damp cloth or sweatsuit flat on your work surface. Make sure that the surface is flat.
  • Scrunch and crumple your sweats with your hands randomly. Try to crumple it more. According to the tie-dye shop, the more the binds and folds will be, the more intricate and varied the final pattern will be. 
  • Try to secure the crumpled fabric with a rubber band. If you want to apply different colours on the cloth, create various sections with a different coloured rubber band. 
  • Place the crumpled sweatshirt onto a wire rack or a sheet tray with a raised edge to catch the excess dye. 

Time To Apply The Die

Applying the dye and working them into the fabric is where the fun part begins.

  • Squeeze the dye directly onto the fabric and ensure that all the crumpled areas are saturated. You can use one colour or multiple colours depending on your kid’s desired effect. 
  • Ensure that you and your kids are wearing gloves before applying the dye and make sure that the dye penetrates all the creases and folds.
  • Check and ensure that the dye has sat on the layers of fabric. If you see any white spots, apply the dye to them. 
  • Don’t be afraid to let your kids experiment with different colours and techniques. Your kids can create a gradient effect by mixing various colours or create a bold contrast using complementary colours. The best unisex tie-dye shop offers a variety of colours for both girls and boys. 

Completed Kids Tie-Dye Galaxy Sweatsuit

After applying the dye to your sweatsuits, let them sit for 6-8 hours and wait. After eight hours, check and see if the dye has equally penetrated the fabric. Now rinse the clothes with cold water and a little laundry detergent. Cold water will help the colours set in their place. It also prevents the colours from merging and bleeding together. The Tie-dye matching sets shop suggests not using fabric softeners and bleaches while washing and rinsing your tie-dye clothes. 

Wrap Up!

Your kid’s galaxy tie-dye sweatsuit is now ready for fall adventures. Tie-dye sweatsuits are perfect for your kids who love to play with colours and in style. With these steps, you can make a colourful and unique tie-dye sweatsuit that your kids will love wearing during the fall season. You can encourage your kids to experiment with different dye colours after taking guidance from a tie-dye clothing shop. They can create their custom designs with different techniques. Don’t forget to wear gloves and a mask and protect your area from dye spills. 

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