Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls


Jamaica’s #1 Dunn’s Stream visited visit interest, organized in the space of St. Ann Osha Rios, this Dun’s Stream Falls visit offers 600 ft. falls, for moving while its generally expected water rubs your body and loosen up your brain. Dunn’s River Falls and Park is the best spot to take part in a Jamaican sun sparkling day. Visitor can climb 600 feet from the preparation of the falls, indissoluble like a related chain, facilitated by gifted and reliable close by accompanies.

Visit Combines 3 Exercises

-Horseback Shore Ride in the Caribbean Ocean

-Visit the irrefutably popular Dunn’s, Stream Falls

-Take part in a riding experience on a hand-made bamboo boat on the White Stream. Dunn’s River Falls.


A solid horse and you’ll be set for experience to encounter the significance of Jamaica as you ride essential ways end route to lead your pony for a reestablishing swim in the sparkle of the Caribbean Ocean.


On a bamboo boat ought to be the most certifiable methodology for bringing down yourself in the focal point of heaven. Sail along the jade-green waters of the local White Stream and appreciate as the birds murmuring get-together dispense with you. Find out about the sparkle of the Jamaican country on the most loosening up experience along the stream and take in the grandness that makes Jamaica such a valuable stone. Your visit incorporates a foot or full body rub.

WEIGHT Obstacle:


BAMBOO Floating FOR 2 Explorers: 500LBS

Most essential Weight FOR NATURE Experience Exercises IS 265LBS

AGE Limitation:



Get for this experience is open from most basic lodgings in the Montego Sound locale, as well as from explicit Houses and Airbnb’s. You will recognize your help time through email or phone after you’ve finished your booking.

Basic Notification

If nobody truly minds one way or the other, note in the event that you are not abundance in Montego Straight you will should pay an extra charge for transportation. We don’t do free move beyond Montego. These lodgings are not in Montego Sound (Royalton Blue Waters/White Sand, Unbelievable Oster Cove, Sea Coral Spring, Gland Bahia Principe, Bewildering Palladium, and so on

Extra Transportation charges from these picked inns

-Royalton Blue Water

-Royalton White Sand

-Sea Coral Spring

-Sea Eden Straight

-Electrifying Shellfishes Narrows

1-4 individuals $160 rigid

somewhere near 5 individuals $30 per individual.


Dunn’s River Falls.


Change of Garments

Wear happy with dress (For Pony rides)


Bring cash for limit rental, treats, and tokens



Bug repellant

Water Shoes

No Enhancements

Should Show Huge Picture ID for checking


Inn get and drop off included

Neighborhood escort

Segment Charge

Experience gear



Extra Data

Not wheelchair open

Not reasonable for pregnant ladies

All drivers should show a critical driver’s award

Keepsakes and photographs are ready to move. Dunn’s River Falls.

A booking affirmation will be passed on through email 24 hours going before your real event date. You could get a demand email sooner subject to the volume of booking. Dunn’s River Falls.

Booking and Reservation Method Through Zella

All courses of action or reservations ought to be paid 2 days right off the bat for your visits to be affirmed. We suggest that you make the crucial piece to happen with your booking. Dunn’s River Falls.

Gigantic Data

An affirmation email with State Get time will be shipped off you through EMAIL/SMS the day going before your genuine visit. Considerately note the time displayed on the site is only for you to find out about what time these visits start. Dunn’s River Falls.

Your demand email will show to address time for all pick-ups. If nobody truly minds one way or the other, attempt to examine your verification email, you can check your spam or garbage mail to track down statement in the event that not displayed in your new sends. Dunn’s River Falls.

Getting out Strategy

Any scratch-offs made something like 96 (96) hours or more will not draw in a fixing cost. Dunn’s River Falls

Any withdrawal made under 96 hours in any case over 72 hours before the organized visit time, will draw fifty (half) discipline.

Any getting out made inside 48 (48) hours or around the very time that the booking is caused will to draw in 100% (100 percent) discipline.

All undoing’s should be submitted recorded as a printed variant to the Affiliation and got by Intriguing Visits like weed tour Jamaica inside the time frames depicted above to be prepared for a refund.

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