Essential oils and Children: Introduction 

Essential oils of citrus are likely among the least appreciated essential oils available on the market. They’re often overlooked in favor of other essential oils that are popular such as the essential Rosemary oil, or Lavender essential oil. However, essential oils from citrus are not to be ignored because they have a variety of characteristics that are extremely beneficial for one’s overall health.

Clementine is part of the family of citrus fruits, which is the smallest of mandarins. The essential oil of Clementine is typically extracted using the cold-pressed method using the outer skin from the fruits (the part we typically toss in the trash!) and has a distinctive smell.

When you are ready to throw away the peel, attempt to squeeze it in the half and ensure the bright part of the peel is visible on the outside. It should be possible to observe a small amount of an aromatic liquid being squeezed out of the peel. The aromatic fluid is Clementine essential oil.

Children and Essential Oil:

Let your kid experience essential oils. Blended using Fractionated Coconut Oil, these essential oils are safe and sufficient for all different ages. Each of these blends for children is designed with children in mind, their scent preferences, their emotional needs, and the most frequent health issues. 

Labels with color-coded labels as well as roll-on tops allow for easy application and enjoyment. They’re also designed for children, you shouldn’t be shocked when you get awed by some of these mixes for yourself.

With the help of an adult, Your child will be able how to apply these vital oil blends to their stomach and hands, as well as their head and their heart. As they grow older with these oils, they will discover how to discern their feelings and address everyday concerns about happiness and success for the rest of their lives. The Essential oils are designed to help support the body, the heart, and the mind.

Uses and Benefits

Here are a few ways you can use this collection to aid your child.

1. During Bed Time:  

Apply Blend to the wrists prior to the bed or during nap time to calm your mind and ease away anxieties. It can be beneficial for kids of all age groups. This mixture can help older children to take charge of their sleeping habits.

2. Struggling With Anxiety 

If your child is struggling with doubt, anxiety, or fear, you can reach an essential oils blend. This stimulating blend can boost confidence in oneself. It is a good idea to have on hand prior to an event in the field, a musical performance, exam, or whenever children require an extra push to be confident in their abilities.

3. For Distraction 

 If your child is distracted during their homework take out the appropriate mix. Apply the blend to the wrists of kids who tend to be distracted. It is also a wonderful mixture to use prior to tests.

4. Comfort  

If your child needs the comfort of a gentle touch uses an oil Blend in moments of stress. It aids in an immune system that is naturally strong and provides emotional strength. If your child isn’t feeling at their best, put the same bottle of Blend in their drawers, or place it on the back of their neck to boost your energy levels.

5. Exertion

When your child is finished with their soccer practice or following a day of playing in the area apply the blend to your child’s neck, temples joints, and other areas of concern for total relaxation. Along with its topical benefits, this blend helps to create a calm and relaxed space.

6. Calmness

If your child’s feelings seem like they are surfacing it is possible to support calm emotions. Before your child goes to school, apply a vital oil blend to the bottom of their feet to encourage peace and calm all day long. Use the blend of the essential oil to your neck or wrists when necessary throughout the day to calm the feelings.

Here are some suggestions on how to utilize essential oils to assist you or your children.

  • To relax before bed or to calm your mind
  • If either you or your kid feels anxiety, doubt, or fear,
  • Reduces distractions while working on homework or a project.
  • Provides comfort, helps strengthen the immune system, and helps to boost emotions during difficult moments.
  • After a day filled with too many activities, or over-scheduling,
  • If you are in need of calm and peace,
  • To help with digestion issues, improve mood, or aid in easing motion sickness. It is great to soothe, cool, and soothe stomach problems caused by anxiety, indigestion, and anxiety.

These oils are meant for children who are over the age of three. They are an excellent kit for support for adults too.