Everything You Need to Know About Installing Up a Split AC In 6 Simple Steps


Split ACs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners because of their energy efficiency and advanced cooling features. However, installing a split AC can be quite complicated, and improper installation can lead to a host of problems like poor cooling, increased energy bills, and even equipment damage. Therefore, it’s critical to adhere to the following six guidelines to ensure a successful split AC installation.

Ensure the AC Is Installed in a Ventilated Room

The indoor unit of split AC must be installed in a well-ventilated room to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. The room should have windows or other ventilation means to allow fresh air exchange. 

Installing the AC in a closed, unventilated space can lead to decreased cooling capacity and increased humidity levels.

Check the Electrical Wiring and System Capacity

Before purchasing a split AC, it’s essential to check your home’s electrical wiring and system capacity. The AC’s power requirement should not exceed the home’s electrical capacity. Improper wiring and lower-capacity system can lead to equipment damage and increased energy consumption.

Take Measurements of the Install Area

It would be best to take accurate measurements of the install area to ensure that the split AC you choose fits perfectly into the space. 

Installing an oversized or undersized AC can impact its cooling efficiency and lead to increased energy bills. So, measure the space correctly and choose the AC unit that fits the area.

Ensure That Components of AC Are Securely Installed

Proper installation of components is critical for the smooth functioning of a split AC. Always hire trained professionals to install the AC unit and ensure that all components, such as the outdoor and indoor unit, refrigerant pipes, and wiring, are securely installed and work optimally.

Regularly Maintain and Clean Your AC Unit

Regular maintenance and cleaning help ensure that your split AC remains efficient and lasts longer. Clean the filters every fortnight and hire professional services every six months to ensure that there are no leaks or clogs in the unit. 

Regular maintenance can prevent big problems in the future, improve energy efficiency and keep it running effectively for longer.

Seek Professional Assistance 

Installing a split AC system is best left to the professionals. Split AC installation requires specialized knowledge and experience that only a trained professional can provide. 

DIY installation can lead to serious problems and safety concerns. So, always seek professional guidance to ensure the split AC is installed efficiently and functioning optimally.


Air conditioning installation is a crucial task that requires proper planning, knowledge, and expertise. Following the above guidelines will ensure that your split AC is installed efficiently and functions optimally. 

Remember to regularly maintain and clean the unit to prolong its lifespan and keep it running efficiently. And last but not least, always seek professional guidance when installing a split AC system to ensure optimal results.