Start an Instagram blog from scratch

Buying Instagram Followers

Profile picture

Your profile picture is what users first see when they visit your profile. It should reflect your brand colors and show that you are doing something in your niche. Buying Instagram Followers

Show your creativity when you are creating food on a food blog. Show an artistic travel photo if you have a blog. This picture sets the tone for your profile. Buying Instagram Followers


This is essential to your profile as it tells your audience about you. This is your first chance to impress and make them want to scroll down and consume more of your content. You have 150 characters, so be clear and concise in your writing. Buying Instagram Followers

Talk about who and what you are and why you do it.

Do not hesitate to create a profile that inspires them to follow you and ultimately convert them into customers.

Make an editorial calendar for your blog.

Instagram is a platform that demands consistency. To create relevant content for your audience, you’ll need to plan your content and do research. You should also prepare an editorial calendar so that you can post content on autopilot. Buying Instagram Followers
To plan your Instagram content, you can use content calendar software. If you have a team, these tools can help to streamline the process and allow you to collaborate.

Include all Instagram features when creating your editorial calendar, and make sure you distribute your content strategy equally among them. These features should include:

Feed posts

Feed posts are regular 1:1 dimension posts. These posts can include static images, carousel posts up to 10 slides, or videos up to 1 minute in single- or carousel format. Buying Instagram Followers

In a perfect world, you would post at least 2 feed posts per week in different formats.


These 15-second videos can be snacked and saved to your profile for 24 hours unless you add them as a highlight. This is an excellent way to interact with your audience and ask them questions.

It would help if you aimed to post at least 4 Instagram stories per day to maximize reach and keep your audience informed.


The recent Instagram feature has seen a massive reach for bloggers and influencers. These videos can be as short as 30 seconds long, and you can add music, transitions, and effects. Buying Instagram Followers

To reach a larger audience, it is advisable to post 2-3 reels per week.


Short-form content may be trending, but that doesn’t mean long-form content won’t work. IGTV lets you create videos lasting up to 10 minutes to engage your audience in more explicit content. After a preview of 15 seconds is posted to your profile, the user has the option to view the full video.

You can make vlogs or long-form content on niche-related topics to give your audience more insight.

You should aim to post one IGTV video per day.

Instagram live

It’s one thing for you to share content and engage your followers, but it’s another to have a conversation with them in real-time. Instagram Live is an excellent way to communicate with your audience. You can get them on camera to answer their questions or collaborate with other bloggers. Buying Instagram Followers

Lives can be viewed by up to three people, allowing for audience exchange. It’s an excellent way for your community to stay engaged and to show up on camera to help build trust.

You should aim to do at least one live session each week.


Instagram recently launched guides, which are extremely useful for the community. Your posts, videos, and IGTVs can be grouped to make it easier for your audience.

You can plan content buckets for Instagram that will leverage all these features.

How do you find content ideas?

Research on competitors
Look for hashtags that are relevant to your topic and see what kind of posts other people have created.
Ask your audience what type of content they are most interested in. Buying Instagram Followers
Think of yourself as an audience and the content you want to consume.
To get more ideas, type niche-specific keywords into Reddit or Quora.

Content planning is a crucial part of your business. It doesn’t matter how professional your profile looks. It won’t make any difference if you don’t plan and research content.

You can include a distribution and promotion strategy in your content calendar to maximize the reach of your content through different sharing methods. This is probably the most important aspect of Instagram.

Create an effective hashtag strategy

You must create a hashtag strategy before you can start creating content and publishing it. Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags. If you wish to keep your post simple, you can add them in your caption or the comments. Buying Instagram Followers

These tools help you to be found and increase visibility on Instagram, allowing you to reach a wider audience than your followers. It’s not easy. Instagram is a competitive platform, so it’s not easy to just add any hashtags and hope to rank.

These are the best ways to find the right hashtags that will work for you:

Each set should contain 20-30 hashtags. These should include small hashtags (less than 50k posts), medium hashtags (5k-500k posts), and prominent hashtags (2M to 500k posts). You can use them all and decide what works best. Buying Instagram Followers
You can choose your hashtags by hovering over the profile of your competitor and looking at their hashtags.

Use hashtags relevant to your post’s context, location, niche, and content buckets as a rule of thumb.
Avoid using banned hashtags and instead, use a few generic but relevant hashtags.
To segment your hashtags, you can also use hashtag tools such as Hashtag.
Use the post analytics to track how your hashtags perform.