How to Motivate Your kids to Memorise Quran 

memorise Quran 

Memorising the Quran is a difficult task as there are a lot of similarities in the verses, the Makharij and tajweed are also different and kids might find it a little hard to recite and learn. 

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to keep them motivated and help them learn the Quran in an easy way, according to their learning ability so that they don’t feel burdened. 

Tip to motivate your kids to memorise Quran 

Keeping the kids motivated and on track to memorise the Quran can sometimes be a task. Here are some practical and easy tips for you to keep your kids motivated to learn the Quran by heart:

⦁ Tell the kids about the rewards to memorise the Quran 

To build a better relationship of the children with the Quran, tell them about its holiness and the way it was directly revealed to our beloved Prophet PBUH, so that children can be more interested in learning about the Quran more. 

As a Muslim, we firmly believe that there are many rewards and blessings of memorising the Holy Quran, so time to time we need to tell the different rewards Muslims get by learning the Quran by heart. 

This will spark their interest and they will be eager to learn more about the rewards and do more effort to gain as much reward as possible by reciting the Quran.

Furthermore, ask your children’s Quran tutor to always encourage them with certificates and motivational speech. Hifz classes for kids could be the best option for children to memorize the Quran at a young age and get closer to the book of Allah overall. 

⦁ Make it easier according to the capacity of kids

Every child is different, and has different learning abilities. We should judge our child’s learning capacity so that he/she is given daily memorising tasks accordingly. 

Don’t pressurise the children or force them into learning, this will finish their interest away. Instead, ask them what and how it is easy for them and try to follow that. 

Learning in an easy and no pressure environment will help the kids learn faster and efficiently. 

⦁ Get involved and recite the Quran with them

Children look up to their parents and are inspired by them. They develop the habits that they see around. So, to have them have a habit of reciting and learning the Quran, it is very important to lead by our own example. 

Make it a daily ritual to recite the Quran and make each other listen to it. It will build a healthy family time and getting involved with the kids in reciting and memorising the Quran will energise them and make them feel helped and appreciated. 

Give them rewards on good performance for encouragement

To encourage the kids, little rewards on their good performance can really motivate them. Children love gifts. If you promise them and give them their favourite gifts when they learn better or faster, they will be inspired to be finer next time to get more Benefits for reciting the Quran

Even if they don’t show an impressive performance, give them something as a gesture of appreciation so that they are not demotivated. And promise them if they keep getting better they’ll get better rewards. 

⦁ Help them join Hifz competitions

Apart from reciting and revising at home, kids should be engaged in some fun Hifz activities so it gives them a different thing to do while maintaining their hifz. 

Mostly, kids are competitive and like to achieve little milestones to feel accomplished and confident, Hifz competitions can be a very good idea in this regard. It can help kids to participate in an activity and improve their hifz simultaneously. The children will be encouraged to make a good effort to memorise the Quran tajweed to win the competition. 

These types of healthy competitions are very useful and important for children’s confidence and memorization. 

⦁ Set a weekly Hifz goal for  your kids 

Setting weekly hifz goals can also help the kids to stay motivated. Assign them a goal they have to achieve in a week, and after a week reflect on how they met the target or missed it by some chance. 

This can be a great idea to realise the child’s shortcomings, if there are any, you can discuss it together so that they can improve and avoid those mistakes next week. Reflecting every week will help to improve the quality of the hifz. 

Once the child starts improving, you can increase the weekly goal. This will help the child learn faster and his brain capacity will also increase gradually. 

We all are humans and are not in the same spirits every time. So it is important for us to keep motivating people around us to improve in their Deen so that we can help each other boost our Iman and grow closer to Allah. 

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