How To Repair Air Conditioning Duct

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Man cleaning air ducts in home.

The energy efficiency of a heating and air conditioning system is significantly decreased by a broken duct system. The ideal scenario is for all conditioned air to be delivered straight from the furnace into the living area. In extreme situations, the energy wasted due to duct damage or tearing far outweighs the cost of repair supplies. 

Air conditioning ducts provide a steady stream of cool air throughout your home or office. However, there may be a time when you need to repair your ducts. Here’s some information on how to get the job done.

How To Repair Air Duct System

In many duct board systems, you may need to repair or seal the seam around the air handler or furnace. It typically happens when the installer forgets to completely clean the air handler’s surface of manufacturing oil and debris. If you are looking for the best air vent cleaning service,  give us a call right away! We have experienced cleaners and our rates are affordable. 

Step 01:

Remove old sealant. Use a knife to remove the old glue, mesh, and tape. With a rag, wipe the exposed connector to eliminate any dirt or grease.

The insulation on the duct board must touch the furnace. Moreover, you need to replace it if it is missing or damaged. If not, condensation develops, serving as a haven for mold and mildew.

You must use Duct tape with a foil backing to seal the junction. Thus, securing the plenum to the furnace.

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Step 02:

Apply mesh. Use mesh to cover the duct tape. Use a paint stick to press the mesh against the tape in confined spaces.

Step 03:

Seal the junction by painting the mesh with a layer of duct mastic 1/8 inch thick. To reach confined spaces, fasten a paint stick to the brush’s handle. Using the suggested dry time from the manufacturer, let the mastic harden. Then turn on the air handler and feel for drafts with your hand.

Step 04:

The installer may not be able to completely seal the duct’s outside surface in some circumstances, such as when the home’s architecture places the air-handler or furnace in a small closet. In these situations, the installer needs to create an access hole and seal the connection from the inside. Be careful not to drip mastic onto the system’s evaporator coil as you do this.

If you are a homeowner, there is no doubt you will be dealing with a broken or damaged duct at some point if not already. The good news is, repairing a broken or damaged duct isn’t as hard as you might think. Here is a complete guide to repairing a flex duct

How To Repair A Flex Duct – Complete Guide

Occasionally, an exposed air-conditioning duct collar is discovered during a home inspection. It occurs when pressure pulls the insulation and outer liner away from the collar, and the exposed collar significantly reduces the system’s energy efficiency. Contact us immediately if you are looking for cleaners for Dryer vent cleaning Atlanta GA.

Step 01:

Find the cause of the exposed collar and fix it. Place a hanger strap next to the slipping connection to release any stress. Add more hanging straps along the duct run.

Step 02:

Cut the duct strap with wire cutters or pliers to disconnect the slackliner. Remove the insulation from the connection by pulling it. To ensure that the insulation is covered correctly, adjust the outer lining.

Step 03:

Apply mastic to the outer layer’s butt edge to attach the outer liner. When the mastic has sealed the connection, slide the connection together and mash the materials together; then, secure it with a duct strap. Apply mastic to the joint’s exterior.

Torn flex is another typical kind of air conditioning duct damage. When an installation drags a segment of flex duct across roof trusses, the outer liner frequently tears because it catches on a nail or truss connector plate. In most cases, the installer finds the harm and fixes it. However, occasionally the damage escapes the examination, in which case the issue becomes your responsibility after the warranty period.

Step 04:

Repair the rip in the outer lining by taping a 6-inch strip of duct tape over the rip’s center. Duct tape should be used to patch up the tear on both sides, working outward from the center.

Step 05:

Apply a piece of mesh down the entire length of the repair to seal it. Add duct mastic to the mesh. The mesh holds the mastic together, preventing cracks once it dries.

Flex duct is a common part of HVAC systems found in homes and businesses. It’s a plastic-based solution that’s used to connect your air handler to your vent system. This system can be a bit difficult to work with at first. However, you will get used to it once you get into it.

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