Nashville Family Dentistry Explaining Tooth Decay Facts and Tips

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Christmas is right around the corner, and it is when people make and distribute sweets and other sugary delights. This can be a big reason for the increase in oral issues, including tooth decay. A great way to prevent this is to visit clinics offering Nashville family dentistry services. The dentists and hygienists will examine your mouth, clean it, and suggest some facts and tips prevent it from developing.

Tooth Decay Facts by Nashville Family Dentistry

Patients should know that everything on the internet is inaccurate because people have often posted their personal experiences. These can be contradictory to the information provided by dentists. So, if you encounter fishy information, visit a dental clinic to learn the following facts.

Most Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay

It is important to know that almost everything you drink and eat can cause tooth decay. The consumables items, like chocolate, desserts, bubbly beverages, and fruit juices, all contain sugar and citric acid, which is the main cause of plaque buildup that break down the enamel.

Oral Issues caused by Plaque Buildup

The best dentist in Nashville suggests preventing plaque buildup because acids will wear out the protective layer of your teeth. This plaque will have severe consequences on the teeth and gums. It can create cavities, and gum diseases will develop that might lead to tooth loss.

Sugar is added to Every Food and Drink

Several products don’t have sugar, as indicated in the ingredient list. But some manufacturers have added sugars secretly. This can also cause tooth decay because it becomes difficult to track the sugar content in these items.

No Symptoms During Early Tooth Decay Stages

Patients might not experience any tooth decay symptoms at the beginning phases. But when you visit your Nashville orthodontist regularly, the signs of cavities are detected. The orthodontist will use different diagnostic tools like X-rays to determine the teeth’s condition.

Teeth Grinding Also Cause Decay

Teeth grinding, also known as Bruxism, is done when someone is experiencing anxiety, stress, hypertension, and hyperactivity. When upper and lower teeth are rubbed together, it can cause enamel loss and tooth decay.

Children Most Frequently Visit the Best Dentist in Nashville

Research has indicated that kids are the most frequent visitors at dental clinics like Dillard Dental Services. Children can fall and chip or loss their teeth. Eating and drinking sugary items frequently. They are not taking care of their teeth, gums, and mouth.

People Avoid Visiting Clinics

It is also a fact that people avoid visiting an orthodontist in Nashville, TN, because most think that they don’t have any dental issues. Others have a general fear of the dentist. These people should pick up the courage and visit the dental clinic to eliminate their concerns.

Tooth Decay Prevention Tips an Emergency Dentist in Nashville

When you visit a dental clinic for your regular checkup or treatment, the dentists will provide crucial tips on preventing tooth decay. These tips include the following.

Brushing your Teeth Daily

Often people don’t brush their teeth daily, especially before sleeping. The reason for focusing on brushing twice a day is that germs and plaque develop during the day, and at night germs will eat the food particles stuck in your teeth. Brushing twice is recommended by dentists to prevent tooth decay.

Brushing Between Teeth

Patients can use ‘interdental’ brushes, tape, and dental floss, to clean between the teeth. These spaces include the biting, outer, and inner surfaces. An ordinary brush might not reach these areas, so special tools should be used.

Schedule Dental Visits Regularly

It has been recommended to visit a dentist twice a year for proper examination and cleaning. These visits should also include your children so their fear of a dental clinic could disappear. The dental clinics are equipped with the appropriate tools and have hired the best dentists and hygienists.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Patients should always check the ingredients of different foods and drinks because of their sugar content. Curtail their use if food and drink items have lactose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, maltose, and glucose. Try to replace the sugar content with nutritious and healthy items. If you must use things with sugar, then manage to use them to the minimum.

These are the tooth decay facts and tips from Nashville family dentistry experts.

Below are three questions explaining the concept of tooth decay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 causes of tooth decay?

Nashville family dentistry experts suggest these reasons for tooth decay.

1.       Bacteria and germs build up in the mouth.

2.       Sugary drinks intake.

3.       Unable to care for the teeth.

4.       Eating snacks between meals.

Can you fix tooth decay?

The dental clinics will suggest a few remedies for tooth decay. These include fluoride treatments, filling or restoration, crowns, and tooth extraction.

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How can I stop my teeth decaying?

You can prevent tooth decay by properly brushing your teeth, using floss to clean between teeth, rinsing your mouth with mouthwash, avoiding food with sugar, and eating healthily.

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