Opting for an Efficient Perimeter Security Solution

Perimeter security is an essential aspect of ensuring the safety of people and assets in commercial and industrial properties. It involves measures aimed at restricting unauthorized entry into premises, safeguarding the perimeter from intrusions and detecting security threats. The perimeter security solutions must be efficient as per the industry’s demands to provide maximum protection against intrusions and other security threats. In this article, we discuss how full height turnstiles offer significant benefits as a part of a perimeter security system.

Half Height Turnstiles vs. Full Height Turnstiles

Half height turnstiles have been a popular choice for facility perimeter security solutions to regulate pedestrian traffic. They are easy to use and offer a seamless access control system. It has been a popular choice for facilities, mainly where controlling pedestrian traffic flow is the priority. However, as perimeter security demands have evolved, full height turnstiles have gained prominence. Full height turnstiles provide an extra layer of security compared to half-height turnstiles. The full height provides an additional barrier that reduces the chances of people bypassing the turnstile.

Unique Features of Full Height Turnstile

Full height turnstiles offer unique features that make them a preferred option for high-security facilities. They offer complete security features and are an excellent option for those looking to provide tighter security measures. They offer a specific level of robustness and can withstand tough weather conditions and physical impacts. Full height turnstiles ensure only authorized personnel gain access, limiting the number of people who walk through the secured entrance. The turnstile gates close behind every individual to allow one person entry/perch at a time, reducing the chances of tailgating. With the right management software, the turnstile gates can be remotely controlled, which will provide efficient management of the people flowing in or out of the secured area.


Full height turnstiles can be integrated with other security systems to form a comprehensive perimeter security solution. For instance, they can work alongside CCTV cameras and access control systems to detect and prevent security threats in real-time. Once the turnstile gates are breached, the camera can capture, and the access control system restricts access automatically. This level of integration provides the security personnel with all the necessary tools to ensure the property is secure.

Customizable and Cost-effective

Full height turnstiles can be customized to suit the unique needs of any facility. The design of the turnstile can be tailored to match either exterior or interior spaces and utilize the company colors or logo. With regards to costs, full height turnstiles prove to be cost-effective. Compared to the typical security personnel’s operating costs, full-height turnstiles can manage a remarkable number of pedestrian traffic.


Facilities that require a high-level of security can significantly benefit from full height turnstiles. Their unique features, integration ability, and the ability to be customized make it an attractive proposition. Full height turnstiles, used as part of a perimeter security system, provides an added layer of security compared to half height turnstiles. Full height turnstiles deliver a robust and cost-effective solution to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the property, making them the preferred option for facilities ranging from schools to factories.