Penthouse at Breakwater Point


The Breakwater Point 602 requires guests to show a photo identification and credit card upon check-in. Guests are also required to pay for special requests, which are subject to availability and may incur additional fees. Guests are responsible for contacting the property in advance to make sure that the specific request will be accommodated. Please note that this property does not accommodate stag, hen, or similar parties.


The Penthouse at Breakwater Point is a stunning 15th-floor unit with a top terrace and the best views of Jaco Beach. Currently unfinished, this unit is an ideal opportunity for the discerning buyer to build the luxury home of his or her dreams. This high-rise complex is located on the north end of Jaco Beach. This spectacular property provides panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

This stunning, modern penthouse offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Portland. There’s a private balcony and dining area and direct beach access. The Penthouse at Breakwater Point has all the conveniences of a luxury vacation home, including free Wi-Fi and private parking.


Modern breakwater point features a cozy first-floor living area with a private master suite and two additional sleeping quarters. The property also offers a private outdoor living area. This house is perfect for those who love the outdoors. This property is located on the western shore of the city and offers an exceptional view of the city’s skyline.

A historic map of the city’s shoreline was created using vertical aerial photographs of the city in 1939 and 2014. This map demonstrates how the shoreline has changed over time, postdating the building of breakwaters. This historic map shows significant progradation of the western shoreline on the Sand Hill Cove Barrier between 1939 and 1963, and a significant retreat of the shoreline in the eastern HoR between 1963 and 2014.

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace at Breakwater Point is a beautiful place to dine out and soak in the breathtaking ocean views. Each terrace is furnished with dining patio furniture and is equipped with a full kitchen. This complex is also gated and offers total security and privacy. The complex also features a swimming pool and free wi-fi throughout.

This complex is a fifteen-story luxury condominium tower located on Jaco Beach. It offers a tranquil atmosphere with its panoramic ocean and lush rainforest views. The building includes 44 spacious 2-bedroom units with fully equipped kitchens and private bathrooms with hairdryers. The building also has two elevators and a gated entrance.

Break Water Point Jaco Beach Costa Rica


Located on the north end of Jaco Beach, Breakwater Point is the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of the ocean and mountains. Featuring modern amenities like granite countertops, cable TV, and fully equipped kitchens, Breakwater Point is a luxurious getaway just a few minutes away from downtown Jaco.

Breakwater Point is a 15-story tower featuring luxurious beachfront condominiums with unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean and the lush tropical bosque. Breakwater Point also features 24-hour security and spacious parking. It’s a popular choice with visitors as it offers a tranquil atmosphere, low HOA fees, and many other amenities.

A breakwater is built in a manner that minimizes sediment seepage. Its construction can be parallel to the coast or perpendicular to the coast. This depends on the shoreline requirements.

HOA fees

If you’re looking for a new place to live, it’s important to consider what HOA fees are involved. Generally, these fees cover the upkeep of common areas and other common expenses. They may include garbage disposal, water and sewer fees, and major repairs. Depending on the size of your unit and the condition of your building, your HOA fees may range anywhere from $100 to thousand dollars per year.

HOA fees are determined by a set of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are set by the homeowners’ association, which is governed by laws and a board of directors. The monthly fees you pay to the association are separate from your mortgage payments.