Pool Closing Supply Cheat Sheet By Pool Closing Services in Hoschton

Pool Closing

It’s time to close your pool because it’s wintertime. The preparation for winterizing should start two weeks before the closing date. Your work will be easy and smooth if you are prepared and tend to the little details before closing. Pool cleaning Georgia gave a complete closing supply cheat sheet and told in this article what to do before taking pool closing services. 

Two Weeks Prior To Closing

Order the Pool Closing Kit

Pool Closing kit and chemicals are important before closing the swimming pool. These pool closing kits are proven useful for winterizing the pools every winter. They come in handy on the day of closing. Ensure that you have the kit, equipment, and chemicals used during the swimming pool closing.

Order Pool Closing Supplies

Some people go through junk drawers to find any pool plugs they saw last week. Before the pool closing day, you must take stock of all the accessories you might need for winterizing. These accessories include an anchor hex key, pumps, filters, plugs, water bags, and air pillows. If you have these accessories, keep them somewhere safe after closing your pool so that you won’t have to search for their next winter. Don’t let the procedure hold just because you couldn’t find a small accessory. 

One Week Prior To Closing

Balancing Pool Water

You must check and balance the pool water one week before the closing day. Ensure that the calcium hardness, alkalinity, and PH of water of balanced and aligned. If they are not, you have to balance it yourself. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do the swimming pool closing. 

Adding Stain and Scale

Add metal free for your stain and scale prevention and leave it for a day to let it work before adding other chemicals like chlorine and antifreeze. If any stain is present in the pool walls and lines, remove them before closing the pool. Brush the pool many times a week to clean it, and use a skimmer to remove any dirt and debris from the swimming pool. 

Utilize Chlorine shock

Seasonal pool closing service experts recommend using chlorine shock to kill all the algae production and bacteria. Ensure that the chlorine level is strong and nice in the pool. Brush the pool after that and clean it the other day. 

Utilize mesh safety covers.

If you use mesh covers on your inground pool, you will need to clean your pool with Phosfree, which works magic on your pool. Mesh covers have holes through which the sunlight penetrates, increasing the risk of algae production. 

Over-filter Pool water

Before pool closing service day, Over-filter the swimming pool 24/7 with the filter pump. You can also add a clarifier in the pool. Extra pool filtering will ensure that the pool water is clean and pure. It will also eliminate the risk of algae, stains, dirt, and debris.

Get Pool Closing Services Expert Help

If you are experienced in pool winterization, you can do 90% of the work alone. But if you don’t have any skills and haven’t done it before, then you must need the help of pool closing service experts. No matter how much knowledge you have on closing the pools, you still need more than two persons to close the pool with the safety cover. Putting a safety cover on is a challenging task, but with the help of expert people, you can do it rightfully. Professionals have worked for years to get this expertise. If you don’t want any damage in your pool, then it would be best to take their help. Swimming pool closing experts in Hoschton know the entire winterizing process, so you can trust them.

Pool Closing day

Shock the Pool

It is recommended that you must shock the pool with a non-chlorine shock which comes with the closing winter kit. It is used to oxidize the contaminants in the water without influencing the winter algaecide.

Add Algaecide

Algae will not produce the entire season when you add algaecide to the water before closing the pool. You can add them before closing and covering your pool when you have lowered the water level. If you don’t do it, the next summer, when you re-open it, you will be frustrated to see how much your pool water contains algae, and it would be difficult and messy to clean it.


The steps mentioned above must be a part of your daily pool routine. Now is a good time to ramp up your work and efforts to get a good head of steam for the fall month ahead. Implementing these steps is important because it will make your re-opening easy and smooth. Ensure that you are fully prepared before the closing day so that you are not finding little pieces that are needed immediately. Do not DIY if you do not know the swimming pool closing because it will ruin your swimming pool. 

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