Portable Hair Washing Sink: Meaning And Uses

What Is A Portable Sink?

Portable hair washing sinks are hand-washing stations that have warm and cold water that is suitable for usage in areas that do not have access to water pipes or running water. They are easy to unpack, put in the area you prefer to fill them with water, then connect them to the electrical outlet. Certain models are equipped with propane or batteries and can operate without a power source.

How Do Portable Hair Washing Sinks Work?

Portable hair washing sinks are incredibly simple to install and use. Simply remove the sink from its box, place the sink to the desired spot by using its wheels, then add fresh water to the tank using a tap, and then connect the sink to an electrical outlet that is standard. There are models that run on propane or battery power, which means they can operate without a power source. 

Inside the cabinet, there is a fresh and wastewater tank. To heat water sinks, there’s an electric water heater as well as a pump inside the cabinet. Tanks are easy to connect and disconnect when it’s time to replenish the fresh water, and then empty the wastewater tank.

The Waste and the fresh tanks use distinct connecting mechanisms, so they can’t be switched accidentally. Tanks for waste are able to be emptied through any drain. We have additional tanks available to make it easier to swap to empty the tank.

Where Can Portable Hair Washing Sinks Be Utilized?

Portable hair washing sinks can be found virtually everywhere. The mobility and portability of self-contained sinks make them the ideal choice for classrooms and medical offices where plumbing isn’t accessible or costly.

Common uses for portable hair washing sinks are

  • Early learning and daycare centers as well as early childhood centers
  • Offices for medical and patient treatment rooms
  • Spas and salons, hair washing stations are available
  • Tattoo salons
  • Food and beverage operations
  • Camping areas for outdoor camping
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Cabinetry, Decor and Basins

Self-contained sinks are available in attractive designs for cabinets of your choice. Maple laminate cabinetry from Jonti-Craft is constructed using Phthalate and Lead-Free Melamine and FDA-certified countertops in plastic. Sink basins can be purchased in stainless or plastic steel.

Portable hair washing sinks for Classrooms

Jonti-Craft is a renowned manufacturer of children’s furniture as well as school equipment, and these sinks are perfect for classrooms. The cabinets come with locks that can be operated with coins or other similar objects to keep children from the cabinet. However, they make it easy for an adult to get inside. 

Portable hair washing sinks for Professional Settings

Ozark River portable hair washing sinks are constructed from stainless steel cabinets that are black on white. Several models have extra counter space. Their modern design works ideal in offices for professionals and spas, medical facilities, salons, as well as places for food service accessible to patrons. The sinks come with one basin or three basins.


Most portable hair washing sinks have casters. Many come equipped with locking mechanisms. This allows the sink to be moved depending on the place it is required. The wheels permit users to maneuver the sink around an area as well as between spaces.

Water tanks

In the cabinet is a fresh and trash water tank. They are simple to connect and disconnect when it’s time to replenish the fresh water, and then empty the tank for waste. The waste and freshwater tanks have separate connecting mechanisms, so they can’t be accidentally switched. Sink tanks for portable use are constructed from plastic, and they are simple to take off and replace. Tanks are available in different dimensions based on the manufacturer and style of the portable hair washing sinks. They typically range between 5 and 7 gallons.

Set up and Operation

In The majority of hand washing sink cabinets, you will find at least an electrical water heater as well as a pump that will provide hot and cold water when you require it. The sink is rolled into the desired spot and plugged into the outlet. Let the heater warm and then check the temperature and pressure of the water. The water heater can increase the temperature of the water by up to 40 degrees higher than room temperature. They can also be adjusted.

Options and Accessories

The options and accessories are different based on the models and manufacturers of portable hair washing sinks with gooseneck faucets as well as deeper basins for sinks, which allow mobile sinks to serve food, whereas a deeper basin is essential for larger cookware. We also offer electronic foot-powered switches as well as motion-sensitive faucets with a hands-free operation that aid in conserving water. Sanitizer kits are also available to keep your portable hand wash sink clean and clean.