Fixing a Water-Damaged Phone – Expert Tips from Santa Barbara’s Phone Repair Shops

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Did your phone take a dive in the toilet pr went for swimming in your pool? Perhaps a friend introduced your phone to a glass of water? These are just a couple of the many ways water or liquids can wreak havoc on your precious device.

No need to fret; we’ve all been there.

Water damage to your phone can be quite the ordeal. Phones have become indispensable in our lives, serving as companions, entertainment sources, shopping tools, calendars, and more. It’s understandable that going without your trusty phone even for a day can prove quite a challenge.

Restoring a water-damaged phone might not be as daunting as you think. In this blog, we’ve teamed up with the most renowned iPhone repair stores in Santa Barbara to assemble a set of guidelines for fixing a water-damaged cell phone.

Let’s dive right into it!

Tips from Cell Phone Repair Shops in Santa Barbara on How to Repair a Water-Damaged Phone

Wondering what to do if your phone takes a splash? Here’s your action plan:

Take it Out of the Water Immediately

First and foremost: it’s generally advisable not to let your phone stay in water. Once you’ve fished it out, even if it’s not your favorite task (especially if your phone found its way into the toilet), your next move after water damage is to promptly extract it from the water.

Leaving your phone submerged can worsen the internal corrosion and increase the chances of irreparable damage. Quick action is essential to reduce potential harm and improve the odds of successful recovery.

Disassemble it

Once it’s out, turn off your phone immediately to prevent further damage. This phase is critical as additional harm could become long-term. After powering it down, you can carefully open it up to assess the extent of the damage. Gently remove the battery if possible, SIM card, and any other detachable parts to allow them to dry individually.

Be cautious not to exert excessive force, as a phone shattered into pieces can be harder to fix!

Dry it Out

After disassembling your cell phone, gently dry excess moisture using a clean, dry cloth or towel. Avoid drying sticky substances that may have splattered on it, as this could worsen the situation. Instead, opt for a drop or two of water to clean off the stickiness.

Now, with the worst of the water addressed, you’re ready to start the repair process. If you’d rather not tackle this on your own, entrust your phone to an Apple phone repair shop in Santa Barbara, or if you own an Android device, there are many Samsung phone repair stores in the area. Let a professional to handle such a task guarantees optimal results.

Employ Rice or Silica Gel

To ensure every last bit of liquid is removed from your phone, it’s time to strat the drying process.

While some people opt for a hair dryer, exercise caution to prevent pushing the water deeper into the phone’s delicate components. Vacuum cleaners are a favored choice, ensuring thorough extraction of water instead of pushing it in further. Just take care not to accidentally vacuum up your phone!

However, the most tried-and-true method for treating a water-damaged phone involves placing it in a zippered bag filled with rice or silica gel.

Be Patient

Following that, patience becomes key. Most experts from phone repair stores in Santa Barbara recommend allowing your phone to air dry completely for a minimum of 5-7 days before using it again following a spill. Aim for 24-48 hours at the least, and be sure to keep your phone turned off during this period.

Visit Your Nearest Phone Repair Store in Santa Barbara

Still grappling with a non-responsive phone? Don’t panic just yet. There’s hope on the horizon! Are you in Santa Barbara or nearby? If so, take your water-damaged device to a reputable cell phone repair shop. Fortunately, the region boasts several accomplished and trustworthy phone repair stores, such as GadgetFix. Their skilled technicians will ensure your phone is restored to its former glory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a water-damaged phone be restored?

Indeed, it’s possible to restore a water-damaged phone to its pre-accident condition.

Can water cause permanent damage to a phone’s screen?

Absolutely, water exposure can harm your phone’s touchscreen. You may need to replace the touchscreen at a phone repair store.

What are typical indicators of water damage in a phone?

Watch out for:

– Changes in color.

– Rust formation.

– Activation of the liquid detection indicator.

– Presence of moisture.

How long does it take for a phone to dry after water exposure?

At a minimum, wait for 24 hours; ideally, aim for 48 hours or more. During this time, avoid pressing the power button to “test it out.”

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