Star Swim Schools – Why You Should Choose Star Swim Schools

Star Swim Schools was founded on the belief that teaching young children water skills and safety is one of the greatest life lessons they could receive. Their students receive high quality training sessions with proven results in an enjoyable learn-to-swim atmosphere. Lessons run 49 weeks a year so children can progress rapidly through levels.

Heated Indoor Pools

Heated pools provide your children with a safe and enjoyable place to learn how to swim all year long, eliminating any chance of colds in the pool environment. Furthermore, heated swimming pools help acclimatize kids to water in a temperature-controlled environment so that there is less of an risk associated with getting cold in a cold pool environment.

At many Learn-to-swim businesses that only operate during school terms, NSW Health’s lockdown could potentially deprive children of lessons. Erina Swim Centre of 5 Star Swim Schools operates with its 7 Lane 25m Heated Indoor Pool offering lessons to babies, preschoolers, kids, teenagers and adults despite this lockdown by using chlorine which kills any virus that might appear.

Baby Swimming Lessons

No matter if or where they learn to swim, babies can gain tremendous advantage from learning early. Swimming lessons Clyde north offer young kids an enjoyable way to spend their time in the water while developing coordination, balance, strength and confidence that can carry over outside of the pool as well.

Children should never be left alone near water, so early swimming lessons are key. Learning the fundamentals can help your baby feel comfortable around water and prevent tragic drowning incidents even in backyard pools. Furthermore, teaching water safety may prevent an accidental fall into a pool causing injury or becoming lost.

Babies who engage in swimming may burn up a great deal of energy, so they may need feeding immediately following each lesson to ensure they’re properly fueled up. In addition, your schedule may need to change on days when swim lessons are scheduled so as to accommodate these alterations.

Even though parents might feel anxious when sending their infant to swimming lessons, it’s essential that they realize their children are in safe and caring hands with trained professionals at swim schools. Certified instructors understand how best to work with young children and will ensure the enjoyment and safety of your water-loving toddler or infant.

Year Round Swimming Lessons

Swimming class Clyde north teaching your baby how to swim is an invaluable life skill and should start early on in life. On average, children who start later take longer to learn. Swimming requires consistent practice if your child decides to come and go from lessons. Our year round classes allow them to make a long term commitment that will reap significant results over time. Infant / Toddler (6 months – 36 months): Introduce basic water skills and aquatic safety awareness, promote purposeful motion in the water and foster parent/child interaction within an encouraging learning environment – although an adult must always accompany them into the water at all times. An adult must accompany them during lessons.