The Best Bali Private Drivers

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls

The Best Bali Private Drivers

Famous for its temple views with the Indian Ocean, beautiful cliffs and stunning sun views. Hiring a car is the most convenient way for getting around Bali and will work out much cheaper than relying on taxis or rideshare apps. But please consider the downside of booking a self-driving car – especially without booking a private driver, explained in my article.

At the top of the terrace, there are a few different viewpoints you should visit. There are also plenty of spots to get some shade from the intense sun and admire the views. Here is a summary of the places we visited throughout our Ubud tour. The Ubud tour cost 500,000 IDR (around £25) and the tour up to Pura Lempuyang cost 700,000 IDR (around £35). Our vehicle come in different luxury and capacity levels to suit all kind of budgets.

If you are picking up the car at the airport and return it when leaving the island, it´s possibly a wise and cheap choice to rent a self-driving car. However, choosing a Bali self-drive car rental has a number of problems you need to be aware of. There are many companies offer this service but choosing the right one can be a problem.

Be careful with companies offering driver service only for sightseeing tours – many itineraries are full of souvenir shopping and overpriced restaurants. Make sure that you can change itineraries to suit your interests and you can choose by yourself places you want to visit. Expect to pay between US$18 to US$45 a day for vehicle hire, though the bigger agencies will charge a lot more. The cheapest form of transport is a Suzuki Jeep, which should cost about US$20 a day; a Toyota Kijang should cost about US$25 a day; a top of the range limousine-style Suzuki costs US$50. These prices should include some insurance but always check what insurance you are getting before agreeing to a price. To rent a car you are supposed to have both an international driving license, together with your own regular driving license.

Sail past crowded taxi ranks and avoid confusing public transport systems with this easy and efficient service. Greet your courteous driver and travel directly to your accommodation in a luxurious vehicle to begin your vacation in style. Well, this question might be the first thing that crossed your mind while someone recommended you to hire a private drivers, for How Much Does It Cost to Hire Driver in Bali? Hiring a private drivers in Bali is indeed a good choice especially if you do not want to deal with the hassle of looking at the map every time you hit the road. Also, you can get some rest when the traffic outside is hectically crazy.

Especially when your are planning to have sightseeing tours every day during the couse of your stay or traveling from hotel to hotel around the island. Check on the airport map to find where your Bali car rental at the airport is located. The other option is to hire a private driver with your car rental who will take you anywhere you need to go for a cheap daily fee. Another option for sightseeing in Bali is by taking a taxi or through a ride-sharing app like Grab or UBER.

Often you can arrange a private transfer to or from the airport as well as a tour. Many of them put a charge if you cancel or delay the trip, but the rest will keep it free as long as you give advance information. Test out – always test out before hiring a driver for a long time journey to make sure that you are comfortable and trust the driver. Join us and enjoy the overall advantages that you will get when you hire a driver in Bali.

Recommendation – it is a better idea to ask recommendations from hotels and guesthouse you are staying since you can easily complain if the trip does not go as planned. Getting around in Bali is not very easy so hiring a private diver is a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything on your next trip to Bali. Following terms and conditions apply for hire driver in Bali.

BaliHonestDriver.Com does not just create for a good brand but it’s a real service implementation that we do all the time when we earn a living. Car hire with a driver in Bali & teams is selected, speaking English very well, well grooming & Friendly service to ensure your trip to Bali Hassle-free. If you don’t like to do your own research and plan your sightseeing tour itineraries. Hire car with driver and get everything planned for your.

If you are staying in Kuta or Seminyak, then you are in luck as there are many car rental outlets throughout the area. If you are staying in Ubud then there are several car rental outlets there as well. Many outlets for car rental in Ubud Bali are conveniently located between the Sacred Monkey Forest and Pura Taman Saraswati, Ubuds main attractions. Like Avis they have a presence at Bali Airport and downtown Denpasar. For an average daily rental a small vehicle will cost around IDR 600,000, a large vehicle IDR 830,000, and a six-seat people carrier IDR 1,130,000.

Spend your entire holiday time exploring the treasures of Bali and you will find the real paradise in your life. We are more than happy very happy if you leave Bali Island with a smile and a sense of joy and tell this to your friends and family. The common cases are getting charged higher than the usual rate or not being able to visit the intended destinations. But the thing is car scams happen everywhere especially tourism places and for them, they are just doing the job and try to make a living. One of the temples you must visit with a beautiful view of the temple on a cliff, a stunning sunset with the beauty of the Balinese Kecak dance. Hidden Hill Wanagiri is a place that offers a panoramic view of the twin lakes of Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake.

Tirta Gangga is a very cool tourist attraction located in Karangasem Regency. Renting a car is possibly the most convenient way of seeing as much of the island as possible, and is generally cheaper than other transport options. The choice is whether you want to huided and relaxed tour or drive yourself to the destinations.

But I think we enjoyed ourselves more and paid probably the same as a car rental (or less!) going the route of hiring a driver in Bali. Tegenungan Waterfall is located in the village of Tegenungan Kemenuh, Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar regency. This tourist attraction offers a cool atmosphere and the beauty of panoramic views.

If you don’t have one, you can spend the morning at the Denpasar Police Office to get a temporary motorbike permit. The temporary permit is valid for three months after issue. Below we have presented you with a variety of ways to explore Bali and the different transportations that are available for those who visit our island. In Bali, the best way to get around is with your own transport, whether you drive a car, hire a driver or ride a bike. This gives you the flexibility to explore at your own pace and allows you to reach many places that are otherwise inaccessible. If you are needing a Bali driver for the day, a full day trip costs around RP 550,000 ($55 AUD) to RP 650,000 ($65 AUD).

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