Top 8 Samskaras & What Role Do They Play in Life


The character of a person has a lot to do with how his or her life unfolds. Hence, Samskaras come into being that implies mental impressions of a person. From birth to death, different Samskaras keep on repeating inside your mind.

As per Hindu philosophy, Samskaras are also related to past life Karmas. So, this article gives a brief insight into Samskaras to you. Apart from that, make sure you check the top 8 Samskaras that are a part of your life. Keep reading.

Samskaras: A Brief

Samskara came from the Sanskrit language which is made up of two words. One is ‘Sam’ and the other is ‘Kara’. They stand for ‘complete’ and ‘action’ respectively. In short, Samskara is a mental imprint that you get from past experiences over time.

In the spiritual and yogic world, Samskaras are related to the concepts of Karma and Vasana. It means that the past life karma gets accumulated and shifts to the next life. Thus, it further talks about incarnation.

8 Samskaras You Should Know About


Conception is also known as Garbhadan. It is further considered as the wealth of the womb. In this Samskara, rituals are done for the birth of healthier offspring. When you read the Hindu religion, having children is a way to offer obligations to the ancestors.

Birth Rituals

When it comes to commemorating the birth of a newborn child, birth rituals Samskaras come into play. It is further a celebration of the connection of the father to the newborn child. In contemporary times, the father touches honey on the lips of the newly born.

Furthermore, chanting hymns is a major part of the ritual. Heading on to one of the best yoga retreats for beginners might help you learn more about hymns and rituals.

First Outing

The newborn baby is not allowed to be taken out in the first four months. It only happens when the parents introduce the child to the outer world with the first outing Samskara. To do this, parents let the child witness sunrise, sunset, or the moon. It is usually done on special occasions. In various families’ traditions, the newly born is taken to a temple.

First Feeding

Also known as Annaprashana, first feeding often includes giving solid food to the baby. Mostly, cooked rice is given as a part of the Samskara ritual. It aims at enhancing the physical and mental abilities of the newly born. Earlier, the infant drank only the mother’s milk and now, he or she can have solid food. It is done after the sixth month of birth. Also, when the milk teeth appear, this Samskara is done.

Shaving of Head

The first step of the infant toward cleanliness and hygiene is taken with the shaving of the head. It is often known as Mundan which signifies purification rituals. Every pint of hair is removed except a long tuft of hair on the crown chakra. This Samskara is done for the longevity of the infant in life. Further, the father gift a clipper that is used to cut his or her nails on this occasion.

Learning the Alphabets

It is also known as Vidyarambha which means the studies being now. Learning the alphabet signifies the importance of education. Practicing this Samskara is the first step towards introducing the infant to education. It aims at harnessing more and more knowledge and wisdom.

Marriage Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies start with the engagement and go over until the wedding is over. It even includes chanting numerous hymns. Agni is the sacred element of marriage ceremonies. The bride goes to live the groom’s family and does Grihapravesa.

Death Rites

Life comes to an end with the death rites. The head priest presides over the rituals. An adult body is cremated whereas the infant is buried. Atma gets free from the body that becomes one with the five elements of nature.

Sum Up

All these are active elements of yoga practice. Moreover, these are practiced most often when you join a spiritual class. Apart from them, physical practice is also given adequate importance. However, in case you can’t practice physical asanas, you can go ahead with chair yoga for senior beginners.

All the above-mentioned Samskaras become a part of life without you even knowing it. However, you can know more about them by enrolling in a certified yoga course.