The weed farm tour you want

Weed Farm Tour

Weed Farm Tour


Unique Tours Jamaica invites its clients to encounter a select outing including Weed Farm Tour, Blue Hole Mineral Spring and Ricks Café in Montego sound, Jamaica. Take a wonderful cooled transport ride with your Group to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring and watch the lifeguard skip from overhanging trees to plunge 55 feet into the spring under the ground.

This 40ft by 50ft pool with a meaning of 35ft has a lot of space to swim and drift. The gutsy can skip from 22 feet or jump a stepping stool to the cool mineral spring. For the less troublesome, there is a pool that is managed by a near mineral spring

Jamaica Weed Tours not just incorporates the blue opening mineral spring, however beginning there forward, we will take you to Rick’s Café.

Following a couple of hours, we’ll go to Rick’s Café in Negril for lunch (own cost) drink your vitally mixed drink, and Watch the nightfall while zeroing in on reggae music.

Before the nightfall, you will see able jumpers skip fakes to the seawater. Incline bobbing is for people who are sufficiently thinking for even a second to feel free to leap off the edge.

Luckily, fake weaving in the Caribbean, especially in Jamaica, usually envelops with cool and reviving waters, in straights that are engaging to investigate.

Jamaica Weed Farms

Visit our outer weed ranches where you will actually want to encounter how Maryjane is filled in Jamaica. Come find out about the various kinds of furtively developed Kush, the smell will make them need to eat the plants. It’s consistently advanced outside with basically water and light, with close to no additional substances or designed compounds added.

You will get a representation of a few the various types of bequest weed to smoke that will feel you the Real Jamaican. A mon!

First Stop: Blue Hole Mineral Spring

The fundamental stop of this visit is Blue Hole Mineral Spring. You will see baffling perspectives at the area. For the less bold the pool is managed from similar mineral springs. They also have Cabanas, Volleyball courts (ocean side sand). Horse-Back Riding can be sorted out.

Second Stop: Rick’s Café

The subsequent stop is at Rick’s Café, you can watch able jumpers weave pretends. Relax to the sound of reggae music and watch the sunset and partake in the bistro food or taste on your really mixed drink from the bar.

A glass-base boat will be there, on the off chance that you truly need a ride it will cost an extra expense.


  • Least 18 Years



Get for this experience is open from most colossal lodgings in the Montego Bay locale as well as from explicit Villas and Airbnb’s

      Lodgings that are in Montego sound

  • Short of breath
  • Privileged insights
  • Hyatt Zalora
  • Hyatt Zika (Family)
  • Pearl Grand (Family)
  • S Hotel
  • Hilton (Family)
  • Rui
  • Iberostar
  • Observed Decameron
  • Shoes
  • Zotero

additionally, the sky is the limit starting there…

Enormous Notice

Accepting nobody minds one way or the other, note in the event that you are not extra in Montego Bay you will should pay an extra charge for transportation. We don’t do free move beyond Montego. These lodgings are not in Montego Bay (Royalton Blue Waters/White Sand, Excellent Oster Bay, Ocean Coral Spring, Gland Bahia Principe, Grand Palladium, and so on

Extra Transportation charges from these picked lodgings

-Royalton Blue Water

-Royalton White Sand

-Sea Coral Spring

-Sea Eden Bay

-Mind boggling Oysters Bay

1-4 individuals $160 out and out

somewhere near 5 individuals $30 per individual.


  • Drop off at your apportioned locale


Things to bring:

  • Change of Clothes
  • Towel
  • Swimming outfit
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • No Jewelry
  • Bring money or charge card for gift things, photographs, snacks
  • Wear: Swimwear and water shoes.
  • Bring Sunscreen, towels, bug repellent as well as money or charge card for gift things, photographs, odds and ends, and treats.


  • Cooled vehicle
  • Grouped transportation
  • Region Fee


Adaptable selection time.

  • Monday-Sunday

Extra INFO

We don’t suggest for the going with people:

  • Reggae Catamaran venture isn’t suggested for pregnant ladies.
  • Genuinely attempted people shouldn’t go to Montego Bay
  • Not suggested for individuals with back issues or those people who have had consistent back an activity.
  • Not proposed for individuals with respiratory or heart issues
  • It is not proposed for individuals with another arm/hand an activity
  • Not suggested for individuals with advancement ailment
  • Not suggested for individuals with a vibe of dread toward levels
  • This is not suggested for the debilitated

Affirmation will be gotten at the hour of booking. FL This is a mystery visit/action. Basically, your party will take an interest.

A booking certificate will be go on through email 24 hours going before your genuine event date. You could get accreditation email sooner subject to the volume of booking.


 If nobody truly minds, note the time displayed on the site is only for you to find out about what time these visits start.

Your verification email will show to address time for all pick-ups. Liberally endeavor to look at your verification email, you can check your spam or garbage mail to track down affirmation in the event that not displayed in your new sends.

Getting out POLICY

  • Scratch-offs made something like 96 (96) hours or more will not draw in a dropping expense.
  • Any convergence out made under 96 hours yet over 72 hours before the organized visit time, will draw into equal parts (half) discipline.
  • All scratch-offs should be submitted recorded as a printed variant to the Company and got by nightlife Montego bay Jamaica inside the time periods illustrated above to be prepared for a refund.

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