Why Can’t I Connect to Netgear Router?

I got a Netgear wireless range router installed using the Nighthawk app at my home in the hope of getting seamless internet access in my home. But after I have set it up, I can’t connect to it. What do I do? Well, this happens with many users. Firstly check if you have correctly set up the router or not. Apart from an incorrect setup process followed, there can be other reasons also that stop you from doing what you intend to do. What those reasons are and what you ought to do to do away with them is mentioned in this very helpful guide. Go on reading further and resolve the issue without having to contact the technicians.

Not Connecting to Router [Resolved]

Reason 1: Excessive Distance from the Modem

When you are done setting up the router, you are suggested to place the router and the modem close to each other. Once the setup is completed, you can relocate the router to a new place in the home. In case, you have shifted the router to a place that is not within the range of the modem, then you will get connectivity issues.

What you are supposed to do now is pull the devices closer to each other. Make your router sit within the modem’s network range. Are you able to access the Netgear router’s WiFi now?

Reason 2: Outdated Firmware

After you are done with the setup, it is suggested to check the firmware version on the router. If it is an older one and there is an update ready to be made, then get your router updated right now. Firmware updates not only improve performance but also add new features and fix bugs. Thus access the Netgear router login page, do the login, and update your router. In case you are also experiencing routerlogin not working issue, then you can skip this step.

Reason 3: WiFi Interference

When you shifted your router, did you make it sit with other devices or home appliances around? Well, if that’s the case, then you know what caused the issue under discussion. Yes, interference from other devices. Relocate your Netgear WIFi range router and place it away from any devices or home appliances. Also, keep it away from doors and windows and large water bodies in the home.

Reason 4: Poor power Supply

On the off chance that you have not connected the Netgear router to a wall socket that is supplying proper power to the router, then this can also be the reason behind the issue. Not just faulty wall socket, but loose power adapter can also be the culprit. Apart from that, power outages in the area also lead to power fluctuations. Plug the router into some other wall socket and make sure there are no loose connections. Use a UPS in the event of power outages.

Reason 5: The Accessing Device is Not in Network Range

There is a possibility that you are trying to access the Netgear wireless router’s WiFi from a place that is far from the router. If you try to access the network at a place that is not in the range then you will not be able to connect to its network.

Come a little closer to the router and then see if the signals are proper.

Reason 6: Using the Wrong SSID

Now, if you want to access the Netgear router WiFi, you need to connect to its network name. Looks like you are trying to access some other network which is why you can’t connect.

Ensure connecting to the correct network name of the Netgear WiFi router.

The Closing Note

The above-given reasons and their solutions will help you fix the issue that you are facing right now. In case you are still struggling with a similar problem, then reset your router to the factory settings. Perhaps the setup is not done correctly. So reset it and set it up again from scratch.